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A global digital ecosystem where all the health sector stakeholders meet.

Connecting all Latam stakeholders with each other, to connect them with Europe and the rest of the continents afterwards.

Startups and healthtech companies

Doctors and healthcare professionals


Hospitals and clinics



Scientists and research organizations

Laboratories and pharmaceutical industry

Service providers

Health insurance companies, insurance

Manufacturers, suppliers and tech companies

Investors, VCs, incubators, accelerators and venture-builders

Social work, foundations, non-profit organizations

Regional health authorities, states, municipalities

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ACHA Ecosystem

ACHA Ecosystem - Modules & Functions


A personalized home page for every user

The classic approach to the home-page, our feed is individual for every user. The Ecosystem profiling technology dynamically sorts network activity and content based on the personal interests of each user.

Integrated Messaging System

Communication without changing the medium

The platform includes an integrated messaging system that allows users to conveniently initiate contacts amongst each other. For every product/requests and startup/organisation profile, conversation can be initiated directly by selecting the messaging icon linked to every personal profile.

Products & Requests

The open innovation project marketplace.

The core of our Ecosystem platform, where innovators from different backgrounds meet: founders, investors and corporate innovators. An open marketplace for any person with a good idea looking to develop and launch it on the market.

Personal Profiles

The pillar of our Ecosystem - the people

Each user in the platform creates their own personal profile to present themselves and connect among each other. After a connection is accepted, users can leverage the messaging system to directly contact each other.

Personal Profiles

Groups - The people

The group function offers the possibility to map the complete work of the network in its entirety and to bundle it centrally on the platform.Within a group,members can be displayed transparently, documents can be shared, events, news and other information can be posted.

Companies, Startups, ORGs

A transparent look at your community

The Companies, Startups, Organisations module presents the profiles of each company in our Ecosystem. Through an overview, each company is categorized by technology in a hierarchical and highly granular technology tree. Users can search through the different members using various filters.


Your very own innovation radar

Users can disclose their own news themselves and share their innovative ventures among the community. This translates to a news feed of network activity that is also shared among the personal feeds of users, according to their interests.

Digital Events & Speed-Meeting

Organisation of digital events by using the platform

The Event Module offers detailed possibilities for digital events organised by the partners and members of the network. The module includes options for integrating live streams and one-on-one matchings, agenda, participant overviews and matching options. A registration function including application is also possible.


Open economic opportunities for your startups

With the Challenges module, we present a gateway for corporate problem solving through direct cooperation with startups.

The Health Innovation Marketplace

As the core element of the Ecosystem, "Offers and Requests" module informs about company and Institutions’ offers, products, services, and their requests.

The Marketplace includes offers from startups, HealthTech companies and suppliers, as well as requests for products or technology from healthcare organizations, hospitals, insurance companies, governments and investors. It is meant to be a match up tool among different stakeholders.

The Ecosystem includes Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) that generates automatic matching among requests and offers to be able to proactively suggest the right business contacts.

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